the story of finny + dill

Dill came tumbling into my life before Finny. A spirited, plucky character based on celebrated American author Truman Capote, Dill swept me off my feet as the consummate raconteur in Harper Lee's classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird. The inimitable Dill always carried a pocketful of colorful yarns to share and entertain. 

Then came Finny, whose buoyant heart and optimistic outlook I recognized so well. John Knowles crafted a moving parable, A Separate Peace, and an unforgettable character was born in Finny, forever clad in confidence with an insatiable appetite for adventure. I was spellbound by the ingenious and irreverent Phineas, perennially charming in his pink polo.

I've always had a peculiar habit. Before reading a book, I first must know about the author: their childhood, their travels, their loves, their losses. Sometimes I so unravel the lives of my favorite wordsmiths, I feel I know them. I have a love for people and an insatiable appetite for their personal narratives. 

In the same way, if I'm going to purchase a product, I need to know who made it and how it was made. I feel each of us is inextricably entwined and with our dollars we make decisions that have a lasting, meaningful impact on one another. Because I love words and language as much as I do ethical fashion and sustainable design, I chose finny + dill, two of my favorite literary characters, as the sentient hosts for this green style guide. 

Two singular characters represent the two main goals of this blog: to inform and delight {Horace did state the purpose of art is to do just that}. I'll be sharing stellar eco-friendly brands born of the minds of intrepid dreamers who have spearheaded conscious companies and are positively impacting the world. You'll also be introduced to a bounty of green boutiques, as well as eye-opening books and insightful blogs. I hope you enjoy meeting new like-minded creatives + independent designers as well as exploring some of the best slow fashion + ethically-made wares around.